SMP Scalp Micro Pigmentation

Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) is a PMU Permanent MakeUp procedure that is used to create the illusion of shaved hair, stubble, or greater density in hair-bearing areas that have lost hair.


This client came to us with an  bald patch on the scalp that made her extremely self conscious. This is showing the hair in it's natural flow pattern, showing what it looks like when it's not being purposely hidden by hair. 


The first treatment of three SMP procedures. You can see where we start to lay the foundation for SMP, that will in the last treatment be converted into TMP, Trico Pigmentation that mimics hair strokes much like microblading does for the eybrows. 


Pre-Care Instructions:

  • Wash your scalp with a non-abrasive, gentle shampoo the week prior to your procedure. If experiencing breakouts on your scalp please see a dermatologist or appropriate medical doctor to resolve this issue prior to your procedure.
  • After washing the scalp, moisturize the skin with some form of skin moisturizer to keep the skin hydrated. Doing so will allow the ink to be properly absorbed.
  • Refrain from sun tanning to avoid burning and peeling of the skin.
  • If you are extremely sensitive to pain, mention before treatment for possible options or seek medical advice prior to procedure.
  • You may bring a clean hat or scarf to loosely cover your head after the treatment, if so desired.
  • Please do not wear a hair piece at least 10-14 days prior to your scheduled procedure. As wearing a hair piece may limit oxygen flow to the scalp and the ink may not be fully absorbed into the follicle.
  • Please do not use a razor on your scalp within 24 hours of the scheduled procedure. It is critical that we see all native hair in order to properly blend the hair follicles.


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