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ADHD & Hyperfocus

October is ADHD awareness month, and I have ADHD.

ABOUT ADHD Hyperfocus

“”Hyperfocus refers to an intense fixation on an interest or activity for an extended period of time. People who experience hyperfocus often become so engrossed they block out the world around them. Children and adults with ADHD often exhibit hyperfocus when working intently on things that interest them.....


“People who think ADHD means having a short attention span misunderstand what ADHD is,” says Kathleen Nadeau, Ph.D., a psychologist in Silver Spring, Maryland, and the author of ADD-Friendly Ways to Organize Your Life. “A better way to look at it is that people with ADHD have a disregulated attention system.”””


This picture is me hyper focused on my craft. The only way I can work is if I’m Hyperfocused. If I’m not, forget it, it’s not happening.


Read more about it here in this beautifully written article that ADDitude Mag...

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